Brain Healthy Learners are the Best Learners

How do you become an institution that supports the development of the whole learner? Learners that are balanced and have the resources to function and thrive both inside and outside of the classroom. You do that by becoming an institution that pays attention to all aspects of your students’ well-being.

As we face the possibility of providing education virtually to keep our body’s health safe in the pandemic, let’s remember to keep our brains safe too! We can be grateful for technology and its benefits which allows us to continue to educate and learn, which is another significant need for our brains and minds. However, we must take into consideration AND counteract the negative effect of the screen on the brain health of our students.

While planning the upcoming academic year, make a plan to prioritize your learners’ brain health. Make sure that you are not only creating curriculums that support your learning objectives, but also your learners’ brain health.

We can do this by building Brain Healthy Curriculums- curriculums that incorporate strategies for Brain Healthy curriculum delivery.

Be Proactive! Be Innovative! Be Brain Healthy!

We offer consultation via webinars in 1-hour modules for Administrators/Teacher and Learners/Parents.

Consultation via webinars in two (1 hour) Modules:


These modules will focus on:

  • Learn the Effect of Screen time on the Brain
  • Determine what aspects of curriculum can be delivered on & off screens
  • Learn how much screen time is safe for curriculum delivery
  • How to build Brain Healthy practices into screen delivered curriculums

Consultation via webinars in one (1 hour) Module:

Learners/ Parents

This module will focus on:

  • Learn about the effects of screen time on the brain
  • Determine how much screen time to allow
  • Make decisions about necessary versus unnecessary screen time
  • Know what to do to reduce the negative effects of the screen time