To Learn is to Respond

Posted by Administrator | November 11, 2017 | Blog

Ayo, my son, is one of my most important teachers. He teaches me everyday to self–reflect and to live my words. He requires that I pay attention. According to the young people, he keeps me ‘woke.’

Having Ayo in my life has made me a better therapist, coach, mother and Julia. Every time I am triggered by him, I get the message, go in, look and ask myself ‘what are you missing?, what are you not seeing?’ He shows me that I am ever growing, ever evolving. He shows me that this is a continuous process with no destination. He keeps me honest and humble.

Because of this, when I show up in work and in my life, I show up as the real me. Not a fantasy Julia that is perfect and has her life together. The real me, struggling to get this shit done like everybody else. I love him and I appreciate his grounding effect in my life.

I am grateful for all of my teachers and for the opportunity to teach. I am grateful for my grandparents, aunts and uncles, the absence of my parents and what that absence taught me.


I am grateful for Mr. Amon-Ra, my favorite teacher growing up and the acceptance and love he offered. I am grateful for my friends who taught me that there was someone to connect to. I am grateful to those who did not want to be my friends for the toughness they taught.

I am grateful for Miguel, my lifetime teacher for teaching me I can relax, trust, love and be loved. I am grateful for my children who teach me everyday in big and small ways what it means to open my heart, learn, love, hurt, let go and start again. They teach me resilience. For them I rise again and again.

I am grateful for TheraPeeds and for all the lessons I learned from that master. The art of failure. The art of succeeding, the art of going in and being true. The art of listening and trusting instincts, the art of problem solving.


I am grateful for awareness. Self-awareness and all the lessons it has taught me. Other awareness and the lessons of compassion and open-heartedness. I am grateful that I can teach and that I am constantly being taught.

I love that moment when I learn something new and the lesson washes over my soul and settles into a corner of me that was waiting to receive it. Like a seed planted. I know that the learning is rooted and there is more to harvest from it.

I love the moment when I inspire and I see the eyes of the receiver light up or they say “I can see that now.” I see their child-like innocence open to the new information and their hearts crack open a little more. I see their breath of relief like parched ground sprinkled with a little moisture and the thirst in the eyes for more. It’s magical and I love being part of that magic.

On either side, whether I am teaching or being taught; inspiring or being inspired; there is a gift. I receive joy from learning and teaching. More than anything else, this is what I love to do. I love teaching and I will teach anyone, anything-because it brings me joy.

So teaching and learning is a gift; thank you and thank you. I enjoy it most.